No Longer Silent {Full Album}

by Jeremiah Broken

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The modern media and politics tell us that we as a church (Christ's Body of Christians) should remain silent. We're told not to offend and not to share our beliefs. If we express Biblical truth. We're told we hate. Many of us keep God's power and love to ourselves, afraid we are going to offend. I'm not willing to hold back the truth. Hence the name of the soon to be released album, No Longer Silent."

Jeremiah Broken's misison is driven by combining music with the message of the cross in order to reach many that don't know Jesus as Lord. Though in the genre of Hip Hop, some live instruments can be found on his first studio album. "Anything I can use that helps separate my music from other artists and still sounds good and creditable is what I go for." Melodic lyrics and harmonies are found in his music as well. Jeremiah Broken talks well about a team of people he works with, also using music as a way to deliver a message. In a time where the music industry has too long been dominated by senseless music, a shift is on the horizon.


released January 28, 2017

Featuring Artists: Adrian Smith, Minus One, Andrew McCarter, DKR, Sacrifice, Doulos, and Robyn Lowe



all rights reserved


Jeremiah Broken Montgomery, Alabama

Jeremiah Broken's mission is driven by combining hip hop music with the message of the cross in order to reach many that don't know Jesus as Lord. "Anything I can use that helps separate my music from other artists and still sounds good and creditable is what I go for." In a time where the music industry has too long been dominated by senseless music, a shift is on the horizon. ... more

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Track Name: No Longer Silent f/ Adrian Smith
No longer silent. I spit violent. I’m a speak out. I’m a, I’m a speak out. No longer silent. I spit violent. I’m a shout out. I’m a, I’m a shout out. (2x) – on 2nd time “vibe to, gimme, gimme something to vibe to”

Verse 1:
I’m gonna speak the truth.
Grab attention with every word. I need a rag when I spit up in the booth.
To get my point across, the beat hits like Babe Ruth.
Landing in a crowd and making hits for the youth.
Inspire with these tracks while I still have a chance.
Put 16s with 808s and make em' wanna dance.
The chords and the claps designed to put ‘em in a trance.
Music to influence; an idea to romance.
Catch ‘em with the hook and make ‘em think with the verse.
From within my soul the passion won’t disperse.
Go against the status quo, only way to be diverse.
Tired of the same. Turn it around. Switch. Reverse.
To be set apart, a rebel with a passion.
To change how they think and influence like fashion.
Get ‘em to wake up and stop all that crashin’.
I hit ‘em with the beat hard. I am smashin’

Verse 2:
It’s been far too long. I can't stomach sitting back.
Watchin’ the world roll on, getting on the wrong track.
Gotta take action. I’m on the attack.
I’m going full force. I leave no slack.
Born leader with a purpose, driven by desire.
I refuse to be luke warm, I’m hot like fire.
I inspire to make an impact before I retire.
I’m not living dead, I’m live like a wire.
But the radio won’t play me for the message that I bring.
They rather me live for money, than give honor to the King.
There are those that didn’t stand beside me, they just bailed.
And those I should have witnessed to, but I failed.
Never again will that happen, now they know who I am.
They’ll know the whole word, all about the lamb.
Gotta make it count. I got a lot to cram.
Cuz one day I’ll go home, so I got to go.

I can not sit here as the world passes by.
Truth is not in them. All they know's a lie.
I'm screamin' to the top of my lungs "hear me". Please hear my cry.
Make the right choice who to serve today.
It's do or... it's do or die.
Track Name: Glory f/ Adrian Smith
Glory! To His name!
Glory! I'm not ashamed!
Glory! He overcame!
Glory! To prevent the flame!
Glory! I've got to show!
Glory! Cause now I know!
Glory! Glory!
Hey! Hey! (2x)

Background vocal: Glory. Glory. Glory. Glory. Glory Hallelujah. I'm basking in Glory.

Verse 1:
We don't give You enough praise. The amount You deserve won't take days.
All the ways I honor You for what You do, I hope that's what my life portrays.

I know I fall short, but grace makes me clean. Next to Your side, not in between You set me on fire like a Kerosene. Light a match real quick then throw gasoline.

Ecstatic for Your love, can't quench the thirst. Not about to act, I'm unrehearsed.
It's real and I feel I'm about to burst. You're above everything new first things first.

You're no more second I am last. That kind of thing is in the past.
So now I'm on fire I go full blast. Tell it to the whole world I broadcast.

Can't keep it in Your grace is too good, but far too often You're misunderstood. We're suppose to uplift love and brotherhood. We're lacking in that, but we know that we should.

We're at war for souls we need Your Hand. You always come through. You're in command. Always there for me. Close at hand. I won't stay down. I will stand.

Pre - Chorus:
Reign over everything. Reign, reign, reign forever. You reign over me. You keep me together. Reign over everything. Reign, reign, reign forever. You reign over me and leave me never.

Verse 2:
Your love is too great I can't hold it in. Praise You with the mouth or the violin.
All because of You I am born again. You gave me that chance when you conquered sin.

Light of the world. No one compares to You. Known to forgive and make all things new. I am in ah of all that You do. You see me all (studer fx), all the way through.

You took me in despite my failures and all of my flaws. Forgiving liars, haters, and the real outlaws. (slowed down to normal speed for this line.)

Forgiving nature; even though we don't deserve. Our selfish nature, it's full of self-serve. (slowed down to normal speed for this line as well.)

Listen to "glory" as the choir sings. You're mocked even though You're the King of kings. You're not understood by those caught up with things, but I've got a song that salvation brings.

Melody love and rhythm for grace. Most high high end. Respect the bass. God's coming through. Make plenty of space. All knees will bow when we see Your face.
Track Name: I'm Tempted f/ Adrian Smith, Minus One, and Andrew McCarter
I’m tempted. Out of control. No matter what it ain’t worth losing my soul. I’m tempted; when that phone rings and Satan tries to get me with all of these things. (Repeat)
T-E-M-P-T-E-D (sung during repeated portion of hook)

Lifestyle changing it can be. I’ve been rappin’ since 93’.
Fallen since then a whole lot and I had a whole lot of temptation to come against me.
Though, now I will shout victory. I much rather live my destiny.
Than to fall into the traps set by Satan in an all out attempt to destroy me.
He’ll put anything in my way. Unload on me like bomb bay.
Get me to gradually slip or she may tempt me a little it’s play by play.
What if I give into my flesh; give into the old man and not start fresh?
Straddle the fence; be in the middle, but evil and good just don’t mesh.
Evil feels good for a time, but don't last; appears good looking through dark glass.
Draws you into it. Let me stay out of it. Stay away, so you can call me outcast.
Don’t fall into the trap of sin. You’re not safe, the walls cave in.
Can you sing that hook? Can... can you sing that hook again.
Track Name: Have I Lost You Forever f/ Adrian Smith
Verse 1:
Beautiful girl, remember the day you caught my eye.
Beautiful girl, I could not let you pass on by.
Then I saw that smile. I introduced this guy.
My legs starting movin’ over to you and the first word I spoke was “hi”.
I realized you were a friend from way back when.
I asked for your number you gave it to me and you wanted to see me again.
So we started to spend some more time with each other.
I got to know you. You got to know me and one kiss lead to another.
Halfway to saying I love you, but wasn’t ready.
You wanted a commitment; you wanted more you wanted to go steady.
We went our different ways what I felt for you was strong.
I rolled over at night. Why didn’t I commit? Ew, I was wrong.
So, I made up my mind I would tell you how I feel.
No more playing the field, but it’s too late you revealed.
For you had someone new and you were happier than ever.
I wondered to myself, have I lost you forever?

I visualize you and I still together.
I see us hugging each other and loving each other.
But we went on a different endeavor.
I have to ask have I lost you forever.
Have I lost, have I lost you forever?
Have I lost, have I lost you forever?
Now I’m afraid that we may be never.
I have to ask, have I lost you forever?

Verse 2:
I look up at the sky. I ask God why?
Why am I still hear I feel like I’m gonna die.
God has a reason, but I just don’t understand yet.
Some things I regret like your eyes I can’t forget.
Sleepless nights; tossing turning; oh what went wrong?
You came into my life you were here and now your gone.
I feel I missed the chance to be with the best girl I’ve ever known.
One that could be by my side; that I could have for my own.
You’re perfect from what I see,
But you and I may never be. I feel out of tune you can call me off key.
I wish I could bring you back to me,
But I can’t control destiny. It’s like I’m stranded at sea.
A storm with high tides that’s overpowering me.
And I’m not getting any younger, I’m getting older.
Life is too short for playing games is what I told her.
Since all of this things seem to be much colder,
Because I feel that it is over.

I imagine myself still with you.
No longer singing the blues
We’ll go get a table for two.
I’ll be with you, holding you.
We’ll be together our hearts will race.
I tell you I love your face.
You tell me I can’t be replace.
I guess that’s not the case.
Track Name: Your Plan f/ Adrian Smith
My Life is in Your hand now that I'm in Your Plan. Your plan. Your plan. Your plan. Your plan.

Verse 1:
Lord tell me why I don’t hear an answer when I cry.
Are You gone cause I missed the chance to say goodbye.
Is there a reason You haven’t answered my requests at all.
It’s like I’m leaving a voice mail with no returned call.
Have I lost You Lord? Can I get you back again?
Is it because I lack faith or excessive sin?
In Your word it says ask You then believe.
Then when we ask You, we expect to receive.
I read a little further. It's in accordance to Your will.
Now I understand it's not about how we feel.
His plans are better, but yet not always understood.
We may not get our desires, but it’s only for our own good.
There are some things in life you cannot explain.
But know God cares about us; He relates to our pain.
Stay in His will. You can bet it’s well worth the cost.
God had a plan that Christ had to die on the cross.

Verse 2:
Lord I don’t know which way You want me to go.
But I will maintain trust in You even though
I can't see what's ahead and I don't know what's next.
You don't always speak as clearly as a text.
But, now I see the way You want me to be
and over time you will reveal my destiny.
Now I see Your reasons while I look back
but, the whole time I went through it all I felt under attack.
Like a 44 magnum burning holes in my chest.
I thought I lost a great girl, but you only wanted best.
I must express, now realizing that I am blessed.
Your hand was on me the whole time; no reason to be stressed.
No reason to be concerned about the aftermath.
I planned my steps Lord, but You directed my path.
And we don't know Your full plan til' we all get to see Heaven.
Read Jeremiah twenty-nine and verse eleven.

Lord I place my life within Your hand now that I know I'm all part of Your plan. You're too great to fail there's nothing You're less than. I'm all part of your plan. I'm all part of Your plan.
Track Name: Coming Back f/ Adrian Smith
Took my own path far too long. Gotta switch lanes; get in the zone. Get away from the dead end; gotta get home. Now I see I’m in the wrong. With a 180 turn, forgive me I pray. Sick of the wilderness, I don’t wanna stay. I wanted to go my own way. Now I’m coming back today.

Verse 1:
Wasted time in my life. Lost many years.
Ran away. Now I return with bitter tears.
Go against the world’s applause and all of their cheers.
Look the Devil in the eye and face all my fears.
Realizing it now I can’t do it on my own.
I'm discovering now that I am not alone.
I am gettin’ back to a place I belong.
Been away for a while. It’s time to come home.
Made a mistake when I left. Focus in the wrong place
and I’d be stuck in it if it wasn’t for the grace.
Lost somewhere like outer space
Or a disappearing act I’d be gone without a trace.
When I departed I lacked all sense and all reason.
There was pleasure in it, but that lasts for a season.
There were other desires I was too busy pleasin’.
It's a crime against You. I’m guilty of treason.

Verse 2:
This road leads to no where I’m at a dead end.
Though it’s the popular one, most will attend.
The whole time on this trip, I did not comprehend.
It cost me way too much. I did overspend.
Ignored the cross; rejected the blood.
Got in a situation. I’m stuck in the mud.
With all these tears I can create a flood.
I fall to the ground. I collapse with a thud.
Like the prodigal son, I come back and I’m praised
I came back after so many nights and so many days.
Now, at His feet I am in ah and amaze
about how Christ’s love will continue always.
God will never leave us, but we choose to go.
It's hard to move forward when we’re walking through snow.
I learned from experience, but I’m still far from a pro.
I'm still worked on. I still got to grow.

Verse 3:
Lost sight lost vision. I became blind.
Gave up something important I had lost my mind.
Got to get my way back. Back on the grind.
Got to move forward and not look behind.
Was in love with the world, but that’s the wrong thing.
Worshiped idols and self, but not the real king.
It's too easy to compromise and simple to swing.
We make our own choice, we’re not on a string.
Backslid to a point, but I can return.
I want to get back to the place which I yearn.
And my peace will no longer be a concern.
I am on fire now so you can watch it burn.
Draw me close to You Lord. Lead me to the cross.
You’re above all else. You’re the real boss.
Sorry Rick Ross our on gain creates loss.
Gotta invent a way. Gotta get my point across.
Track Name: What I Live For f/ DKR and Sacrifice
What I live for.
Not money, not fame.
What I live for.
For other rappers it's a game
What I live for.
But, for me it's not the same.
What I live for.
It's all for Jesus name.

Verse 1:
It's the way I live until it's time to die. Rebel against the world and here is why.
No more flesh I must testify. No more self I can verify.
They want to see me stumble so I more than try. They looking for me like the F.B.I.
Can't fall asleep until I fly. The deep sleep hush hush lullaby.
Take the word to the streets, put it in their hand. Tell em' draw a hard line in the sand.
Discuss with them all about the plan. How the King of kings became a man.
There will be times we don't understand, but don't lose site of whose in command.
And we are a rare breed, we're in demand. We're not sitting down we chose to stand.

Verse 2:
I made a choice; spare no expense. I almost wasn't as intense.
Almost stumbled to the other side of the fence and didn't stand against the consequence.
There came a time in my life I had to choose. Which group to hang with? Which group to loose?
Should I give in or should I refuse. Should I choose the bible or should I choose the boos.
Given the choice, I will choose the king. Sin no longer shines like a diamond ring.
I recognize the lies Satan will bring and death has finally lost it's sting.
I'm called with a purpose that is me. No wallflower. No absentee.
Fight against sin with no referee and live my life for eternity.
Track Name: Praise f/ Adrian Smith
Lord I give praise. Father all praise, Lord I give praise to Your name… name.
Lord I sing praise. Father all praise. Lord I sing praise to Your name… name.

Verse 1:
It’s a praise song to You Lord.
With all that you’ve done for me it can’t be ignored.
You took me in when no one else could.
You forgot about my past when no one else would.
You’re trustworthy cuz Your word's always true.
You first loved me and now I love You.
When I was once going down the wrong avenue,
You forgot about that and it’s something I outgrew.
You’ve helped me grow into the man I became.
I took back control of my life. Call it reclaim.
Christ in first place. I worship You with my life.
You’ve helped me through the conflict, struggle and strife.
Now I live in You. You’re the light in my days.
Took what I knew of love and turned it sideways.
It’s agape love and it contiues to amaze.
That’s only a few of the reasons I have to give praise.

Verse 2:
I praise You with my heart. I praise You with my tongue.
I praise You with every single breath from my lung.
I’ll praise when I’m old and I started when I’m young.
I read the whole story about how You hung.
You’re so worthy Lord to hear infinite applause
and to give You more than a little time to pause.
You’re the unfailing savior, giving us what we need.
Not always what we want or satisfaction guaranteed.
And for that I have to glorify Your grace.
I don’t want to push You to the back when You should be first place.
Omnipotent, mighty, words can’t explain.
Though I nail You to the cross Your love will remain.
That goes to show just how real
or how I’ve transformed and that’s a big deal.
Why when I rap I have so much zeal.
When I get into the presence of the king I’ve got to kneel.
Track Name: The Suicide Message
Verse 1:
She's contemplating, she's sitting in the dark.
She's thinking about how her life fell apart.
And the love she knew, it all changed from the start.
When her family and friends didn't care about her heart.
She says, now life has become a disgrace.
I'm not fitting in so I feel out of place.
Since dad's left, I miss that embrace.
I travel around living out a suitcase.
Hoping for a better life, but caught in a bind.
Searching for a meaning and not able to find.
And thoughts of death are starting to run through my mind.
She tries to get attention, but they act like they're blind.
She tries to please people while longing for love.
Giving herself away it's like she gets it sort of.
For every guy that comes around packing a glove.
Now she feels used and taken advantage of.

Though broken hearted and dying inside,
there's no good reason to commit the suicide.
But, no one loves you. Well, Satan just lied.
If you just turn to Christ, then He'll be your guide. (2x)

Verse 2:
Now thoughts are racing; going back and forth.
Her mind is going different ways like south and north.
She decides to do bad cause it feels good just a tad.
The only good memories she has makes her mad.
There's not a single moment in her life without pain
and every bit of love she gave was in vain.
Now she wants to end it. She writes a note and she sends it.
There's no way to mend it. No need to explain.
She's going insane and about to end it all.
She picks up the phone and makes a phone call.
I'm put in jail, waiting for bail. Dear mamma can you come?
Mom leaves her in to teach her a lesson for acting dumb.
If you don't get me mom, I may end my life.
There's a number of ways to do it. Wait, let me find a knife.
Not taking her for real. Momma did not behave.
Next thing she knows her daughter cries from the grave.

Verse 3:
We didn't see it coming. Why did she do it?
We had a chance to reach out to her and we blew it.
For those that feel there's no way out, here's some insight.
I know someone who's yoke is easy and who's burden is light.
Who will never leave or forsake us and always calls us friend.
Who's love is so strong we can't comprehend.
Someone to trust in. You don't have to think twice.
He became flesh and became your sacrifice.
This is my God, creator of Earth.
You're worth a whole lot. You were on His mind before birth.
You're His pride creation. Nothing can take your place.
We're delivered from all things by His grace.
Track Name: Wake Up!
Wake up! Look into my eyes.
Wake up! I'm tired of compromise.
Wake up! We need a revolution.
Now it's time for our retribution. (2x) We got to... (after 1st time only)

Verse 1:
I woke up, after dreaming in my bed.
For what I saw bothered me. I must clear my head.
For we were throwing in towels and losing the war.
It's hard to see us give up and not fight anymore.
We felt overcome and beaten like a drum.
And We don't go to Him. More like the world we become.
And most have turned their back on God for their own goals.
Caring more about their money and less about their souls.
It happens all the time people slowly walk away.
Before they know it, they've gone completely astray.
So let me say nothing is worth more.
Then a relationship with God. He's the one that I adore.
Already victorious, but some won't take the win.
They don't see it that is where the church comes in.
We need to do a better job. I will say it again.
Even pastors have become stuck in sin.

Verse 2:
We put "not offending" above God's law.
Or we're real quick to point out another man's flaw.
To make ourselves look better and to create a scene.
But, the proper way to correct is found in Matthew eighteen.
None of us are perfect; hence the son of man.
God will use imperfection. I'm proof that He can.
That leaves no excuses for not doing His will.
Weather in your hometown, China, or Brazil.
Persecution it just comes with the game.
You won't feel the same when you're crying for His name.
And that's the reason Christ died. He died for us all.
How many people actually obey His call?
To preach the gospel like Mark sixteen states.
Surrender, hold the cross, and do what it takes.
We got to keep going despite all our mistakes.
Can you imagine it when God's chosen awakes.

Verse 3:
I fear us becoming like the pharocies did.
Morals in the world seemed to slid.
We need to purify our hearts; repent and come clean.
It's a sleeping generation and we need some caffeine.
Let’s fast and prey for revival in our land.
Do what we must so that we can see it firsthand.
We got to take a stand instead of getting pushed aside.
Hand out the word and take the message worldwide.
Fight the good fight of faith and go every round.
Instead of dying out quickly and becoming confound.
We must not forget his sacrifice is profound.
So many live in fear although we are no longer bound.
Track Name: Impossible f/ Doulos
Verse 1:
Now, look a here. Look, look here.
I’m gonna move forward without any fear.
Though there's not a way in sight and it's not very clear.
I know God can do it, I saw it last year.
Though there doesn’t seem to be a chance at all.
I’m gonna keep pushin’ until I fall.
All God’s people here’s a wake up call.
We need to turn to Him instead of weed or alcohol.
Those addictions will just grow like cysts.
Then when you come to the problem still exists.
Those kinds of people are not enthusiast.
They won’t see the power. They’re closed up like fists.
But I’ve seen what a real God can do.
How He brought me out of things. How He brought me through.
How He transformed me from old to something new.
How I witnessed healing and I was healed too.

Impossible! Seems it can’t be done.
Impossible! Chance is slim to none.
Impossible! Impossible!
Impossible! Far as the Sun.
Impossible! There is no way.
Impossible! Is what they say.
Impossible! Impossible!
Impossible! Like going back to yesterday.

He parted the Red Sea. He made the Sun sit still.
Gave sight to the blind and the lame became healed.
Created all life and did so with skill.
Breathed life into man and gave ‘em free will.
Yet some don’t believe. Their faith is dry.
The day they believe is the day they die.
By then it’s too late for them to glorify…
The maker of the trees, seas, and the sky.
He reserves the right to tell the ocean where to go
And command the winds (add lib “winds”) which way to blow.
Then why are you stressin’ when you really ought to know.
His thoughts towards you are like a love overflow.
If you’re concerned about money. Concerned about green,
Relationship, family; anything in between.
Call on the Lord. He will intervene.
Love is powerful. Read first Corinthians 13.
Track Name: Here In Heaven f/ Robyn Lowe
Verse 1:
I'm steppin' into a place I only heard about.
There would be no cryin'; no tears; only joy. No one would pout.
We see His face. We see this place so there's no more doubt.
The last is first. The first is last. It's inside out.
There's streets of gold like I was told. There's angels all around.
There's music in the air. Lots of singing. What a lovely sound.
Rewarded for my time on Earth. I've got a robe and crown.
I finally see that throne and I kneel to the ground.
At the right hand of the father I see Him. That's where my savior sits.
I'm in the presence of God's glory it's good as it gets.
It's never dark. God's glory always provides the light.
Illuminating new colors I've never seen. Words can't explain the sight.

It's Heaven. It's Heaven. It's Heaven. (4x)

So much joy I can't withhold.
Even better than I was told.
I'm here dancin' on the streets of gold.
This is Heaven.
I'm in Heaven.

Verse 2:
Always wondered what it would be like. This eternal city. This beautiful day.
I'm so glad I made it. Thank you God. To You I pray.
My senses are heightened. Your love is on display.
I left the world behind. There's no more worries. They have gone away.
I entered perfection that moment I went through the pearly gates.
And I am reunited with every loved one that awaits.
Old things have past and all things are new.
Many mansions now surround me. I've never seen such a view.
So much revenue and music I've never heard of before.
I just entered grace. There's so much space. I have a lot to explore.
Time's not a factor so time I'll ignore.
Satan's defeated. He is conquered. He is no more.