by Jeremiah Broken

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Be exalted, O God, above the heavens; let your glory be over all the earth.
-Psalm 108:5.


Glory! To His name!
Glory! I'm not ashamed!
Glory! He overcame!
Glory! To prevent the flame!
Glory! I've got to show!
Glory! Cause now I know!
Glory! Glory!
Hey! Hey! (2x)

Background vocal: Glory. Glory. Glory. Glory. Glory Hallelujah. I'm basking in Glory.

Verse 1:
We don't give You enough praise. The amount You deserve won't take days.
All the ways I honor You for what You do, I hope that's what my life portrays.

I know I fall short, but grace makes me clean. Next to Your side, not in between You set me on fire like a Kerosene. Light a match real quick then throw gasoline.

Ecstatic for Your love, can't quench the thirst. Not about to act, I'm unrehearsed.
It's real and I feel I'm about to burst. You're above everything now first things first.

You're no more second I am last. That kind of thing is in the past.
So now I'm on fire I go full blast. Tell it to the whole world I broadcast.

Can't keep it in Your grace is too good, but far too often You're misunderstood. We're suppose to uplift love and brotherhood. We're lacking in that, but we know that we should.

We're at war for souls we need Your Hand. You always come through. You're in command. Always there for me. Close at hand. I won't stay down. I will stand.

Pre - Chorus:
Reign over everything. Reign, reign, reign forever. You reign over me. You keep me together. Reign over everything. Reign, reign, reign forever. You reign over me and leave me never.


Verse 2:
Your love is too great I can't hold it in. Praise You with the mouth or the violin.
All because of You I am born again. You gave me that chance when you conquered sin.

Light of the world. No one compares to You. Known to forgive and make all things new. I am in ah of all that You do. You see me all (studer fx), all the way through.

You took me in despite my failures and all of my flaws. Forgiving liars, haters, and the real outlaws. (slowed down to normal speed for this line.)

Forgiving nature; even though we don't deserve. Our selfish nature, it's full of self-serve. (slowed down to normal speed for this line as well.)

Listen to "glory" as the choir sings. You're mocked even though You're the King of kings. You're not understood by those caught up with things, but I've got a song that salvation brings.

Melody love and rhythm for grace. Most high high end. Respect the bass. God's coming through. Make plenty of space. All knees will bow when we see Your face.

Pre - Chorus



released May 19, 2015
Background Vocals - Adrian Smith
Bass Guitar - Michael Zongo
Lead Guitar - Michael Zongo
Written and Performed - Jeremy Sanders
Engineer - Jeremy Sanders (For Atmosphere Recording)



all rights reserved


Jeremiah Broken Montgomery, Alabama

Jeremiah Broken's mission is driven by combining hip hop music with the message of the cross in order to reach many that don't know Jesus as Lord. "Anything I can use that helps separate my music from other artists and still sounds good and creditable is what I go for." In a time where the music industry has too long been dominated by senseless music, a shift is on the horizon. ... more

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