Here In Heaven feat. Robyn Lowe

by Jeremiah Broken

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"What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, what no human mind has conceived" -- the things God has prepared for those that love Him. ~ 1 Corinthians 2:9


Verse 1
I'm steppin' into a place I only heard about.
There would be no cryin'; no tears; only joy. No one would pout.
We see His face. We see this place so there's no more doubt.
The last is first. The first is last. It's inside out.
There's streets of gold like I was told. There's angels all around.
There's music in the air. Lots of singing. What a lovely sound.
Rewarded for my time on Earth. I've got a robe and crown.
I finally see that throne and I kneel to the ground.
At the right hand of the father I see Him. That's where my savior sits.
I'm in the presence of God's glory it's good as it gets.
It's never dark. God's glory always provides the light.
Illuminating new colors I've never seen. Words can't explain the sight.

It's Heaven. It's Heaven. It's Heaven. (4x) (sung with melody of piano)

So much joy I can't withhold.
Even better than I was told.
I'm here dancin' in the streets of gold.
This is Heaven.
I'm in Heaven.

Always wondered what it would be like. This eternal city. This beautiful day.
I'm so glad I made it. Thank you God. To You I pray.
My senses are heightened. Your love is on display.
I left the world behind. There's no more worries. They have gone away.
I entered perfection that moment I went through the pearly gates.
And I am reunited with every loved one that awaits.
Old things have past and all things are new.
Many mansions now surround me. I've never seen such a view.
So much revenue and music I've never heard of before.
I just entered grace. There's so much space. I have a lot to explore.
Time's not a factor so time I'll ignore.
Satan's defeated. He is conquered. He is no more.


released January 17, 2017



all rights reserved


Jeremiah Broken Montgomery, Alabama

Jeremiah Broken's mission is driven by combining hip hop music with the message of the cross in order to reach many that don't know Jesus as Lord. "Anything I can use that helps separate my music from other artists and still sounds good and creditable is what I go for." In a time where the music industry has too long been dominated by senseless music, a shift is on the horizon. ... more

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