No Longer Silent f/ Adrian Smith

by Jeremiah Broken

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We as a church... we're told to be silent. We're told not to offend. We're told to be politically correct. If we express biblical truth we're told we hate. Many of us keep God's power and love to ourselves, afraid we're going to offend. Jeremiah's not holding back any more.


No longer silent. I spit violent. I’m a speak out. I’m a, I’m a speak out. No longer silent. I spit violent. I’m a shout out. I’m a, I’m a shout out. (2x) – on 2nd time “vibe to, gimme, gimme something to vibe to”

I’m gonna speak the truth.
Grab attention with every word. I need a rag when I spit up in the booth.
To get my point across, the beat hits like Babe Ruth.
Landing in a crowd and making hits for the youth.
Inspire before I retire. I still have a chance.
Put 16s with 808s and make em' wanna dance.
The chords and the claps designed to put ‘em in a trance.
Music to influence; an idea to romance.
Catch ‘em with the hook and make ‘em think with the verse.
From within my soul the passion won’t disperse.
Go against the status quo, only way to be diverse.
Tired of the same. Turn it around. Switch. Reverse.
To be set apart, a rebel with a passion.
To change how they think and influence like fashion.
Get ‘em to wake up and stop all that crashin’.
I hit ‘em with the beat hard. I am smashin’

It’s been far too long. I can't stomach sitting back.
Watchin’ the world roll on, getting on the wrong track.
Gotta take action. I’m on the attack.
I’m going full force. I leave no slack.
Born leader with a purpose, driven by desire.
I refuse to be luke warm, I’m hot like fire.
I inspire to make an impact before I retire.
I’m not living dead, I’m live like a wire.
But the radio won’t play me for the message that I bring.
They rather me live for money, than give honor to the King.
There are those that didn’t stand beside me, they just bailed.
There are those I should have witnessed to, but I failed.
Never again will that happen, now they know who I am.
They’ll know the whole word, all about the lamb.
Gotta make it count. I got a lot to cram.
Cuz one day I’ll go home, so I got to go.

sung bridge...

I can't sit here as the world passes by.
Truth is not in them. All they know's a lie.
I'm screamin' to the top of my lungs "hear me". Please hear my cry.
Make the right choice which one to serve today.
It's do or... it's do or die.


released April 19, 2016
Thank you Adrian Smith for using your talented voice on the bridge!



all rights reserved


Jeremiah Broken Montgomery, Alabama

Jeremiah Broken's mission is driven by combining hip hop music with the message of the cross in order to reach many that don't know Jesus as Lord. "Anything I can use that helps separate my music from other artists and still sounds good and creditable is what I go for." In a time where the music industry has too long been dominated by senseless music, a shift is on the horizon. ... more

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